Message from President José F. Méndez Méndez | AGM University

Message from President José F. Méndez Méndez

" As President, I aspire to maintain the Ana G. Mendez University as a leading higher education institution. "

I am honored and proud to lead AGM University as its President. Whether you are a prospective student, a visitor, a current university community member, an alum, or a community partner, we welcome you to learn more about our vibrant university community through our university website.

We are a pioneering institution that continues to move forward with continued growth and diversity of student populations, and the expansion of academic programs that meet the interests and needs of both our students and their future employers.

Our university works tirelessly to invest in student success, elevate the university’s academic reputation, grow the university’s research and development enterprise, and advance our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Every day, I see the brilliance and passion of our faculty and staff. I am moved when our students share with me their deep appreciation for their excellent education and for the caring faculty, mentors, and staff who are guiding them in their higher education journey. We have a remarkable story to tell, and I am eager to share it far and wide.

I invite you to explore these pages and discover for yourselves the outstanding educational experience available at AGM University. If you are ready for a transformation, we are ready to help you realize your full potential. You will be a part of a dynamic, innovative, and community-connected University that is eager to help you become tomorrow’s professional leader. We encourage you to reinvent your professional experience and dare you to be part of the generation that will transform our country and the world.


President Méndez Méndez has served the university for more than three decades and is a respected educational and civic leader and is deeply committed to the mission of AGM University (AGMU).

He began his career with Universidad Ana G. Méndez in 1984 as executive assistant to the general manager of the then Canal 40, today Sistema TV- Canal Universitario Ana G. Méndez. He was also an associate director of programming, director of programming, director of administration, as well as vice president and general manager. In 2002 he joined the Office of the President, holding the positions of associate vice president of corporate and international affairs, interim vice president of administrative affairs, executive vice president and interim president. In 2016, he was appointed to the role of President.

President Méndez Méndez has worked tirelessly to promote a culture of continuous innovation in all areas of the university. Under his leadership, the university has expanded its strong commitment to access, student success, and academic excellence. President Méndez Méndez has concentrated his efforts on strengthening the university’s international status with a focus on technology, partnerships, and research.

President Méndez Méndez holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in Business Administration and is currently in the final stage of his doctoral degree in Management from the Universidad Ana G. Méndez.

As part of his commitment to community outreach and civic engagement, President Méndez Méndez serves as a Board member and advocate particularly with programs and support activities that enrich the lives of children and youth such as the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico and the Ricky Martin Foundation.

He is married to Dr. Eileen Rodríguez and has four children: José Francisco (Jofran), José Fernando, Vicente and Fabiola.